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A curse word to express disgust, annoyance, etc.
Oh zarg! What did I do with my car keys?
by superflutist August 16, 2005
Someone who has no intelligence what-so-ever and lacks self control.
Omg, that kid is such a zarg.
by Chessehzzz December 04, 2010
What one says when upset, angry, shocked, surprised, or otherwise displaying negative emotion.
Zarg! Billy stole my car again!
by SCgirl September 05, 2005
A mispronunciation of "Zerg", a race in Starcraft. Usually used by either:

1. Idiots who can't spell
2. People mocking others who fit example 1
OMFG Karigan is a zargs!!!1!
by MetaPaladin October 30, 2003
an exclamation of extreme dismay and shitty feeling
when you fail a calculus or physics test, as you walk out the door, yell, "ZARG!"
by sensASIAN October 23, 2003