An extremely horny person that loves to show affection from farting on someone.

If she farts or pisses on you then that means you have her true love.

She is a very sexually frustrated person due to her uncontrollable horniness. Her vagina may contain so many diseases that any penis that enters turns into dust.
Guy 1: Zara farted on me last night
Guy 2: No way! Bro you are so in!
*high five*
#slut #whore #horny #fart #piss #love
by Dragon123321 February 14, 2014
A TrUuE FrIeNd ThAt NOEs AlOt Of HoTt PeOpLeE.. ShE HaS A HoT BrOtHeRR... nD iS mY bEsEsT FrIeNdD <33
Zara.. yew wanan sleep ova??
Hey Zara.. ur friends are soo annoyin.. no iffence.. <3
by BiTe MeHh April 08, 2005
A really bad hair cut and dye job!
omg where did she get her hair done thats totaly zara!
#zara #hair #bad #dye #funny
by **wildchild** October 31, 2007
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