A very pretty girl, who is smart and caring. Who is kind to everyone and can keep secrets. Who doesn't show if you've hurt her and is very forgiving. Even if you back stab her and she knows it she won't do it back to you. A very smart/intelligent person. Also a bit sensitive. Who loves to have a lot of fun and knows how to have a good time. But is also very shifty, don't do anything bad to her coz she can get you back without you even knowing. She can also be a bitch if she wants but doesn't prefer to, if you be a bitch to her she will have no effect except getting you back without you even knowing. Usually bestfriends with another Zahra/Zara.
Wow you can trust her just like Zara
by Imsoevilbrah October 12, 2011
Top Definition
A very cute, attractive person who may not know that she is one. She is, however, very modest about her superb appearance. Frequently blend in the crowd, but it's not difficult for one to acknowledge her beauty.
Man, it's so hard to make that Zara to know she's pretty.
by l0ngl April 10, 2004
ZARA is a notible fashion clothing store, with various stores world wide, in exelent city locations, normaly bought only by upscale individuals who are willing to pay more to look great.
Meg: I love your outfit!
Liz: Thanks i bought it at Zara at the Foreign Shops in Vegas
by Kristian January 26, 2005
a person that is just, so cool.
I cant get over how cool your new skateboard is, its almost like zara
by Bigdog8484747484849 April 02, 2011
a very attractive girl who doesn't know it and is very modest. she is great at sport and is very naturally pretty. She is a very sweet, brainy, kind girl who LOVES to have fun and is up for anything. she is great to be around and have a laugh with. She will hardly ever say she is good at something and it is very hard to make her realise she is good at something or is pretty, brainy..... basically she is an all round amazing girl.
Dudee, that zara is so gorgeous but its just so hard to make her realise it
by babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey September 01, 2011
A mysterious character some would say. One who is unpredictable in all she does. A unique individual who is always ready to try out new things and broaden her experiences. She may seem like a nice girl who will try to do her best to help others, however, if you are a b*tch to her - don't expect to meet the nice side of Zara! She's incredibly modest about her talents and looks, and finds great difficulty in noticing her aptitude. She is a real fun girl to be around who will always keep you entertained. She is, however, a intimidatingly private individual, who loves hard but rarely, so if you've managed to attract a Zara's heart - never let it go.
"Mayn that Zara girl seem's cool"
"I know, she's so gorgeous it's a shame she can't see it"
"Hah, I know, I might ask her out on a date, she seems like a mystery"

"Good luck with that"
by DJ Alen November 10, 2012
A girl who travels the world wearing sunglasses and smoking cigarettes. She rides a motorcycle and is the funniest person anyone knows.
Friend- "It's my goal in life to be Zara. Zara is cool and doesn't care what anyone thinks"

Me- "Same here, Zara doesn't like people and generally ignores them. I wish I was that way."
by Vegetableking May 28, 2011
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