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Another word for niggers where you aren't in a place where you can't say nigger freely.

A group of people who usually are ape-like in appearance and actions. Said to have originated from the Zapes River in Africa.

A term usually used by old women from Boston to describe surly blacks.
Night Shift Supervisor: Where did those Zapes run off to?

Clerk: I last saw them around the Swisher Sweets.

Old Lady from Boston: God damn Zapes stealing all my Bourbon!!!
by GordonSchumway August 14, 2009
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Zombie-Rape or Zape: When you rape slow dumb zombies for fun. (Usually in New Jersey)
((Mentioned by Randall in Ugly Americans.))
Johnny: I zaped 6 zombies last night!
Joey: I zaped 7!
Jimmy: I hate how zape makes your dick smell like corpse for 2 weeks.
by Bong Man 420 April 09, 2010
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The act of inserting a taser into someone's anus and discharging the weapon while they are passed out drunk.

Best used on heterosexual males who need to learn that acting like a jackass/clown/fool/fuckfo/idiot/child is NOT acceptable just because you are drunk.
What the fuck is wrong with Fink? Why does he always act like a clown after 4 beers? I hope somebody zapes his ass tonight when he passes out - maybe a couple taser burns on his colon will convince him to grow the fuck up.
by The Defamer July 16, 2010
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