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To cum, jizz, bust, or release semen.
Amber: How was he?
Laura: He zapped me with his giant load!
by SAMI34 October 28, 2011
109 76
a game were you write a time at the top of a persons hand and a name at on the palm if they look at their palm before the time at the top of their hand they will have to ask that person out other variations are hugging the person or kissing them this game is usually played by middle schoolers
my favorite game ever
"Hey, can I zap you."
"O hi i got zapped and I looked at my hand so... will u go out with me."
by mrs.niehous October 08, 2008
161 92
a word used to describe an utter failure
Did you see that girl just face plant into that pile of vomit? What a zap!
by Parthvader8 December 18, 2010
128 72
to shoot with a ray gun, laser, taser or other electronic device
He was zapped midway through a long boring speech.
by egorsm November 30, 2004
95 82
The sound made by an electric arc or spark, esp. when a person receives a shock.
He got zapped when he got to close to the high voltage.
by Dan Drzewiecki November 05, 2003
72 62
shoes (Spanish: zapatos)
Sold in a zapateria /zap-uh-TEER-ee-uh/ (Spanish: zapatería)
Just lemme get my zaps and we'll go.
I never wear zaps in the house.
by zZigzZag November 05, 2005
9 4
Acronym meaning Zombie Apocalypse Plan
Did you here about the homeless guy in Florida eating another guy? Hope you have a Z.A.P. ready.
by Slip_dan June 10, 2012
3 1