When, during sexual intercourse (esp. doggystyle), the man pulls out and cums in a martini glass. He then mixes his cum with some vodka and a lemon twist, then serves it to his partner as a Zanzabar Sunrise. The perfect post-sex drink, made all the better when looking out a window upon a city landscape.
Henry fucked Missy doggystyle, and he fucked her hard. She cummed all over his throbbing cock again and again, but he was saving his spooge for a Zanzabar Sunrise. Right as he was about to cum, he pulled out and spooged in a martini glass.
"What are you doing?" asked Missy. "I wanted your cum!"
"Don't worry, bitch" Henry smiled as he poured vodka into the glass and proceeded to add a lemon twist, "you're gonna drink up every drop."
And she did. It was delicious. They repeated the process two hours later.
by dat_one_dude February 06, 2008

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