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A sword forged from a shinigami soul and has a name by which the shinigami must learn to release it to shikai or bankai.
Ichigo's zanpakuto name is Zangetsu.
by Shinigami Daikou Kurosaki Ichi October 19, 2008
Japanese for soul-cutting sword.

The supernatural swords that soul reapers use to exterminate Hollows and perform Honso on Wholes. Can attain two levels of power; shikai and bankai. These levels often change the look of the sword or the soul reaper. Each zanpaku-to has a unique name and call phrase.
"Rumble!! Iwahyouryu!" - anon. Sould Reaper yelling call and name of zanpaku-to.
by Verdugg the Imperialist December 20, 2008
It is the term used to refer to the male penis.
"Girl, you hit my Zanpakutō."
by timmycolossus October 22, 2009