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To get zaney, or to get zaney with it.
Using an inanimate object to please ones self when alone only.

Ben B: "I had a great time with zaney last night"
Gothum: "U just have to get zaney at least 5 times a day, any less is unhealthy"
by Squigedogg November 28, 2005
A person who has odd talents and can preform strange actions. Person usualy has an odd fashion sense, and generaly uses a wide and unusual vocabulary. Word comes from the word "insane".
1. I can't belive Cory can speak in 23 different launguages and fit his entire foot in his mouth, what a Zaney!

2. Look at that Zaney, he's wearing the oddest outfit i've ever seen!
by Cory "The Artist" Green April 10, 2007
Codeword for a woman with really nice breasts. Used when describing such breasts while female is present and/or referencing to said woman.
"Yo check out that girl. She's zaney."

"Did you see them zanes?"
"Grey zaneys or white zaneys?"
by SUP BRONZ July 28, 2008