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One of the strangest creatures in the whole world, The native non-African thrives off the tears of those he has just cock blocked or the girls, ages 4-6 only, he chases. He constantly pleasures himself to the thought of models shaving off their back hair with that spork with the serrated edge that you get in packages of food. Sometimes he takes a break and stands outside off people's houses, staring into their window while singing a shanty tune. When not doing these activities, he can be spotted at local playgrounds posing as ice cream man, teddy bear or the gay one from the Jonas Brothers, luring small boys into a dark alley or a van.
Hey, that guy seems like an asshole.
Yeah, he is such a Zane.
by NotAnotherAdamSandlerMovie June 13, 2012
9 32
Zane is a certainly weird name, thats for sure...I will start by naming characteristics of a zane. Lets begin...Zane's are short typically sad young men, that try to make up for their shortness by driving muscle cars that don't fit their persona, here's the sad part, they can't even get the name of their muscle car right, how fucking dumb is this asshole?

Example: When zane drives a cobra, it isn't a cobra, its a GT with cobra badges, how sad is this shit? Fucking small balls. Zanes have small chodes, they are VERY short in stature, they are liars, they are underage drinkers, and pill poppers, *WOOOH, ALL THIS HYDROCODINE* They experience premature balding, at 19 years of age, they sleep with hoes pretty much safeguarding a future full of HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, crabs, pretty much anything a hooker carries around in her fish taco. They disrespect women which disgusts me personally, they are insecure, and are extremely angry little men, they fantasize about married women who even if they were single, they prefers men who are six feet or taller, not five foot three...And by the way, the piece of shit camaro they drive is not an ss...its simply put, a piece of shit camaro, and his piece of shit camaro NEVER wins any races, in fact...japanese piece of shit ricers always...ALWAYS, let me Emphasize that by screaming at the computer screen FUCKING ALWAYS KICK THE SHIT OUT OF IT! Maybe his mom was drunk and she meant to name him shane? I don't know, they're of bunch of speds.
I drive an 86 toyota corolla with nitrous oxide, and it busts a load all over zanes camaro, any other car and it will lose.
by Girlwithapenis July 11, 2013
22 47
An odd looking guy that loves surprise buttsecks, you can find him in an abandoned asylum, but i don't exactly suggest going there.
Julia - wuzzzuuuups?!

Zane: why hehlowww little gurl, want some caaaaandaaaiii?

by Julia Woooong February 16, 2011
11 37
A black guy with a huge dick that gets all kinds of pussy, he also beasts at basketball, also hes pretty much all around amazing
HEY, u hear about that zane

yea he really beasts at bball
and getting puss
i kno right he is amazing!
by ha ah January 18, 2010
32 61
A lesbian who can put you under a spell to make you have sex with her.
Why the fudge sickles is Meagan making out with Zane?

she has magical powers.... she got me last week.
by Sara02 August 15, 2010
45 86
this fat redhead kid with huge manboobs really nice though and cant hurt a fly
girl: hey zane i am jealous

zane: of what

girl: your huge manboobs
by fucking awesome guy May 01, 2010
16 63
a deadly uncurable sexually transmitted disease
doctor: im afraid u have a deadly disease.
girl: OH NO!
doctor: sorry, you were diagnosed with "ZANE"
by ilovesquirrels October 16, 2008
47 108