A super awesome girl. She is down to earth, funny, nice, and loves to do anything! She can hang out with anybody and have fun. She is always laughing and everybody wishes that she would give them a chance.l
Wow that awesome girl is such a Zane!
by Dr. Agon M. D. October 26, 2010
a loveing caring beautiful red head child zane also means god is gracious
zane=god is gracious
by god is gracious October 08, 2008
A black guy with a huge dick that gets all kinds of pussy, he also beasts at basketball, also hes pretty much all around amazing
HEY, u hear about that zane

yea he really beasts at bball
and getting puss
i kno right he is amazing!
by ha ah January 18, 2010
Known to be the biggest dick in the world!
Zane is a complete dork and is a huge dick who gets no girls. Look up: Asshatery; Homosexual; Closethomo; Dick
by hahahahaZane September 27, 2012
A really dumb person
me- zane you're dumb
zane- derp?
by Joey Buns June 02, 2011
One of the strangest creatures in the whole world, The native non-African thrives off the tears of those he has just cock blocked or the girls, ages 4-6 only, he chases. He constantly pleasures himself to the thought of models shaving off their back hair with that spork with the serrated edge that you get in packages of food. Sometimes he takes a break and stands outside off people's houses, staring into their window while singing a shanty tune. When not doing these activities, he can be spotted at local playgrounds posing as ice cream man, teddy bear or the gay one from the Jonas Brothers, luring small boys into a dark alley or a van.
Hey, that guy seems like an asshole.
Yeah, he is such a Zane.
by NotAnotherAdamSandlerMovie June 13, 2012
An odd looking guy that loves surprise buttsecks, you can find him in an abandoned asylum, but i don't exactly suggest going there.
Julia - wuzzzuuuups?!

Zane: why hehlowww little gurl, want some caaaaandaaaiii?

by Julia Woooong February 16, 2011

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