a kid that is real nice has a lot of friends is understanding and never is an ass doesn't put up with shit and so one and is always one the game and never losses a girl friend/boy friend easily
guy/girl 1:dude did you see zane last night

guy/girl 2:ya dude he was like on fire with his/her gf/bf
by dark lord wolf July 19, 2009
Top Definition
A badass rugged mother fucker who gets ALL them bitches.
Dude, Zane's a badass, he boinked like 5 chicks in the same night
by poopypants111 April 16, 2009
Highly intellectual male with enormous hair and little or no social skills. Has relationships bordering on homo erotic with his red headed friends. Admired by the ladies due to his rugged and hairy good looks supposedly enormous genitalia. All round nice guy.
(Friend) Hey is Zane coming to the pub tonight? He is so cool.
(Girl): Oh my God you mean THE Zane. He is such a stud.
by Jimmy Pop 24 July 28, 2007
The name of a guy who is extremely handsome, kind, sensitive, funny, charming and intelligent. His way with words shows his sexy intelligence. When he cares for a girl he is all their's and makes sure that they know it. He is very tactile, loving to hold hands and keeping his girl very close to him. He is very loving and is always showing how much he cares.
Girl 1: That guy is really hot!
Girl 2: Yeah I know! That's Zane. He is my boyfriend, he is really loving, funny, and smart!
Girl 1: Yeah I may try and steal him from you.
Girl 2: You won't be able to, he is all mine and I'm all his!
by princesssparkles2155 September 05, 2011
Noun - Quite possibly the most sought after man in NOVA and also in Virginia Beach. Most women want to sleep with him after only a short chat, and men want to be just like him.
I saw a group of people gathered around something when I was walking down the street so I went to see what it was. Just like I thought, Zane was standing in the middle being admired by both the men and women.
by Zane Lover February 18, 2009
An incredibly seductive male who drives two brunette girls crazy. A Mysterious guy who often fiddles around with stationary, and has perfect hair. Some people may find him frighting and extremely...lifeless. Hobby's including biting.
how sexy is that Zane guy.
by onetwothreefoursix July 14, 2009
Where to begin. On the outside, quiet, shy, and humble beyond belief, but inside lies an incredible and intelligent person. Truly, he is one of the best people on the planet.
I would put an example here, but it wouldn't be befitting of such an indescribable person like Zane.
by shhhyourface March 11, 2013
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