One very hot lady who resembles Jessica Rabbit.
Man, that Zan is one sexy lady.
by rachel January 19, 2004
Another slang name for Xanax (Alprazolam).
Soulja Boy - Zan With That Lean

"I'm in that Zan with that Lean
Smoke nuthin but Irene
Them hoes going crazy when I'm on the scene"
by cfcjeff5 April 23, 2011
The most gangsterest of the gangsters.
Yo Leqwan, that niqquh just smoked a foo fo' stealin his cornbread. Fer real malcom, that niqquhs crazy. Lets go play some b-ball. aight.
by Zan August 02, 2003
xanax pill
Zan with that lean - Soulja Boy
by testyy April 22, 2011
Short for the prescription drug xanax. Can mean xanax bars or footballs.
Hey can you find any of them zans?
by Farrah Hood April 06, 2008
1.) A strange man with very small genitals that enjoys extremely large woman farting on his face so he can sniff it and guess what she ate for dinner
That huge chick needs a zan in her life
by runzwithscissorz January 16, 2014
A taller odd looking Ginger that sports a raggity beard, glasses and favors a viking, sags his pants below his crack and always wears cutoff tshirts, thinks he is a real ladies man, loves his woman plump yet flirts with anything that appears to have lady parts, likes to talk dirty and act a fool, is kind hearted yet thinks with lower head far too often, loves playing Xbox and eating frozen oatmeal pies, loves mountain dew like you wouldn't believe, loves his pizza extra cheesy and likes to eat it when he wakes up early in the morning, thinks he's a gangster and spits rhymes left And right, loves to sing wrecking ball in his truck and smokes too much. But when all is said and crazy and idiotic as he may be at times...he's not such a bad guy...yet still annoying is not so bad to be around. Cuz who doesn't need a laugh now and then!!!
That dude who carried that chick over the puddle is a major zan!!!
by runzwithscissorz January 16, 2014

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