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Quite simply, the essence of ace. Bearing an uncanny likeness to Kojak, Zammo will shoot down your spaktarded opinions, scorn your Non-Dananian Eye, and invigorate a tedious day all before you've even thought of achieving b0nar.

Zammo and Bunneh are together the kindred spirits that-.. meh, they'll own you. Spakn00b.

You won't know it, but when Zammo hits, you're already dead. >_>

Erm... yeah, he's generally ace.

*goes back to iPod Solitaire*
"Lo mate"
"Who loves ya, baby?"
"You're not Zammo..." o_O;
by Cal <3 March 31, 2004
A gnome warrior on the World of Warcraft realm Malfurion.
Kassai dodges
Zammo's overpower crits Kassai for 902 damage
by NotZammo August 15, 2006
Greatest troll to ever grace GameFAQs, a true god amongst men, part of the brilliant lawmancal/tranmerefan/zammo/vinny team.

One half of 'zamlaw'.

A retired but brilliant, extremely skilled Unreal Tournament 2K3 player.

One of the best people ever.
Wow, I wish I was zammo!!
by Noelleh March 31, 2004