Italien surname...Pronounced as written

It is not people that sneak up on Catholic school girls cause as we all know it is them who sneak up on us!!!

The term homosexual can NOT to be applied to Zambons in general, as it is the personal preference of each Zambon what sexuality he/she would like to be.
Joe Zambon is not a gay who creeps up on catholic school girls
by Joedetic April 02, 2005
Top Definition
it is a venetian surname please do not do what you are doing
good morning i'm federico zambon
by federico September 23, 2003
an extremely slutty yet stunningly sexy homosexual man who doesn't know anything. Also refers to an action gerally referred to as "slutty."
"He is such a Zambon! Look at him pull that Menard!"
by spongebobnopants March 15, 2003
A small type of African drum. You whack it and it go bon, hence the name Zambon. Well, actually we don't know where Zam comes from, but we're sure it comes from somewhere
he was banging that Zambon like there was no tommorow. Wait, that sounds wrong.
by A person September 14, 2004
A slut who like to make catholic school girls cry. He also like to senak up from the side, stick his cock in your ear, and then climax. He is also a fan of quadruple penetration.
I'll pull a Zambon on your ear!
by SLUT NOTORIOUS March 16, 2003
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