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Zakum is one of the strongest bosses in a 2-D Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) called: Maple Story.
The monster is made outof stone and has 8 arms which you are to destroy before you defeat the body.

Fighting this boss can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours!(mostly)
Multiple parties can assist eachother in defeating Zakum (a party can consist up to 6 players).

Zakum needs to be summoned (like most bosses) before it can be attacked. one of the players is reguired to drop a specific item on the altar. Zakum also spawns mobs as a defending mechanism.

It also uses 1/1 attacks, which means that your HP(health points) ánd MP(mana points) will be brought back to 1, making it easy for him to 'finish you off'. For this reason, you should always have 1+ 'bishops' in your party (a magician that has the power to heal and/or protect the players).

Zakum is a lvl 140 boss that has 110 million HP and 40 thousand MP(this is only the body). When it is defeated, the players share the gained EXP (7 million EXP points) and the monster drops (a) zHelm(s).

zHelms (Zakum Helmets) are worth 20-80 million 'mesos' depending on how much you are willing to pay for them.
Alot of people wish to have these helmets, because they increase STR, DEX, INT ánd even LUK at the same time (about +15). These are the ability points required to make your character stronger.

Zakum can be found in the 'Zakum Dungeon', somewhere deep inside the outskirts of 'EL Nath'.
Zakum: About one of the strongest bosses together with 'Horn-Tail', 'Pianus', and 'The Boss';

zHelm: Zakum Helmet, obtained by defeating the monster.
by Maximize Effort May 17, 2009
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