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He is the sweetest guy in the world, who would do anything for you. He's always got your back and always knows how to make you smile and laugh. If you're lucky enough to have him in your life, keep him. You'll never find anyone else like him. He'll make sure you're happy no matter what and will worry about you to no end. He'll show you everyday how much he loves and cares for you. He has a great sense of humor and can make you laugh even when you want to cry. He's handsome and adorable and when he looks at you your whole world melts. It's like nothing matters as long as your with him because he is the only company that you need. He will do anything to see you smile even if it takes making a crazy face. He's not one to throw the word love around so if he tells you he loves you then you are the luckiest person in the world. He knows everything there is to know about Halo. Go ahead, ask him. He is the best friend anyone could ever have. He is trustworthy and outgoing. He may be a little insane sometimes, but you have to love him anyway. He is the nicest person to ever walk this Earth and if you're lucky enough you'll get to see that. He makes your stomach do flips and you feel not just butterflies, but the whole zoo. He's one in a million who could ever make you feel that way. He is amazing and intelligent, and you know that no matter what he will always be there for you through the good and the bad.
Guy : Hey, Who's that?
Girl: Oh It's Zakory, only the cutest and sweetest guy in the world.
by qtpie3.14 July 10, 2013
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