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The ruler of the realm of Vassagonia, in the Lone Wolf world. Roughly equivalent to a king or sultan, the zakhan lived in a huge palace in the city of Barrakeesh, always surrounded by retainers and sharnazim guards. The zakhan typically demanded absolute obedience from his subjects, although history tells of a number of good rulers.

When Lone Wolf arrives in Barrakeesh, the old zakhan has died (according to the Legends novels, assassinated by the Darklords), and is replaced by a new Zakhan, Kimah. Kimah is extremely evil and is allied with the Darklords. He reappears in Lone Wolf 9: The Cauldron of Terror, at the head of the Vassagonian army besieging Tahou alongside the Darklord army, and armed with a lethal golden orb emitting a protective shield. Those who even touch the light-shield are killed instantly.

The Zakhan Kimah is one of the hardest opponents to beat in the entire Lone Wolf series, especially if Lone Wolf is armed with the Sommerswerd. (The problem can be avoided somewhat if this item is left behind for this quest, although the reason why this weakens the zakhan is not clear; perhaps the orb absorbs the sword's light?)

In the Legends series, the Zakhan Kimah is tortured and apparently killed by Vassagonian rebels, and a new, good-aligned Zakhan takes over. Although it is clear to a careful reader that he has not been killed, the series stops before this issue is resolved (only one book before it would have to be raised again).
The zakhan is dead. Long live the zakhan!

George W Bush fancies himself as zakhan of the world.
by Andy April 24, 2004
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