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A casual greeting.
like Hello
1st person: "Zagga!"
2nd person: "Zagga Zow, what a gwon man?"
by $tyle$ December 25, 2008
Also known as "Suckers", This statement is blurted when half retards with horrific lisps make a sad and feeble attempt and saying the phrase, "so long suckers".
person 1 :"Home run!!! No one is catching this one!!! So long ZAGGAS"

Person 2: "Did that retard just try to say suckers?"

Person 3: "wow you are really gay"
by Mr. Hubbard January 04, 2008
a person who zigs when he ought to zag
stop your zigging and just zagga
by Lumpy McStumpy March 26, 2005

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