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King of all Kings.
Known as a king with a heart bigger then the mind.
Bravest among all others but the most important and noticable character in Zaeen is the power and capacity of his mental thinking skills.
Very intelligent and presented as a humble person when among his type of high class people.
He is not known to asscoiate with any tipical person but more so tends to associate himself with educated & people of utmost importance.
Zaeen is also known to be an amazing guy in bed, referred as a "Sex Machine"
Known to be the best experience in any womens life, which and many situations leaves the women begging and coming back for more.
"King Zaeen was known to be loved my his loyal subjects"
"Known to use his heart and mind to the fullest when putting it into something productive"
"Oh i had the most amazing Zaeen last night"
by Donza Bhai September 26, 2011
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