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The most perfect guy. The guy who can make you smile like crazy till your face goes numb. The guy who fills your stomach up with the most intense butterflies and want to barf like hell. The guy who sends you the most cornest yet sweetest messages when your far away. The guy who makes falling in love easy to do and hard to forget. The guy who makes my dreams good. The guy who makes everything better by a simple touch. The guy who stoled my heart along time ago. The guy with a shy, sweet voice that makes me ears melt when he says my name. The guy I want to spend forever with. The guy who I know means the world to me and forever will be. The guy I can not live a day without, or with out at all. The guy who I love with everything I can have. The guy I can never get enough of. The guy who makes me feel the word "love" when he says it. The guy who is perfect for the imperfect me. The most perfect guy... the guy who taught me the word "love". The guy I will never say good bye to. The guy I can never leave. The guy who was there for me when i was not there for him... The guy who was made for me. The guy who is mine and I cant deny. The guy who I call Lief.
The guy who I love more than anything else, Zadok.
by His 妻 April 26, 2011
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