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A sweeter, much more awesome way to say exactly.
Friend: "So you only play the guitar to pick up chicks?"
Me: "Zactly dude, zactly..."
by Angrygorilla February 15, 2007
a thugged out way of saying exactly.
So I told that bitch zactly what she wanted to hear.
by mahcheese April 08, 2008
When a person's breath smells exactly like ass crack.
Damn bitch! You got the zactly!
by dRobb December 02, 2006
Pronounced:(zakt-lay) An alternative pronunciation for the English word "exactly". Often used in interjection to acknowledge and praise a play on words - generally involving sexual innuendo. May also be used to confirm the meaning of a comically unclear sentence.
"Have a good trip! Come back in one piece!"
"You mean, don't come back any gayer than you already are?"
by neonScarecrow December 23, 2013
When your breath smells zactly like your ass.
She had a bad case of the zactlies.
by Geese4u August 16, 2013
exactly (an abbreviation)
That was zactly the point I wanted to make.
by The Return of Light Joker October 28, 2010
When your mouth tastes exactly like something very putrefactive.
My mouth tastes zactly like an asshole.
by sneakyteaky August 12, 2006