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1. The substitute for Jackass. After various scientific studies, it has been found that Jack, is actually a really nice guy.

2. a cold-hearted, morally ambiguous, obnoxious, potentially evil bastard, bent on ruining your day.
What a fucking ZACKASS!
by Jmvghwonwotcons June 18, 2010
14 4
Zackass: an internet troll whose opinions are always more equal than others; one who will put you down because he has 'served his country' and believes that you have not; one who will never admit he is wrong, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary
just because your opinion differs from mine does not make it better, or more valid; stop being a Zackass
by heywood jablome April 18, 2007
23 20
Having extreme qualities of what it is to be a jackass, or something close to it. If someone around you is fucking around and acting like a dumbass, refer to him as a 'zackass'.
'When we were washing cars for a school fundraiser last weekend, I told Zack to go and get the towels, so he decides to dance on them. *facepalm* what a zackass.'
by xxxmaddiexcore April 15, 2009
4 8