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the main character in final fantasy: crisis core. Was Aeriths first boyfriend before... you know he and Aerith died... :/
A second Class SOLDIER in the beginning of the game. Joined SOLDIER in hopes of becoming a hero.
"embrace your dreams." - said by just about everyone in this game

"so... does this make me a hero?" - Zack Fair

Whats your dream? To make 1st?
Zack: no. To become a hero.
Impossible dreams are best.
Zack: uh, thanks...

"so you wanna be in soldier? Hang in there." - Zack Fair to Cloud

"we're friends... right?" Zack Fair to Cloud

"CLOUD! RUUUUN!" Zack Fair to Cloud

Tseng: your gonna save Zacks life. I have 88 letters for him.
Cissnei: I know. I havent even told him my real name.
by geostigma June 14, 2008
A non playable character in Final Fantasy VII. He is a 1st Class SOLDIER, and he was Aeris Gainsborough's first boyfriend. Zack was shot dead by Shinra troops.
"You wanna be in SOLDIER? Hang in there," - To Cloud.

Zack Fair is an easily-forgotten character.
by VanillaCoke April 06, 2007
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