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Holding up your muscles in a strong-man pose; showing your support for Zach Lederer and his fight against brain cancer.

Synonymous with "Keeleying"

"Lederer said that with each post in which someone is 'Zaching,' he or she is also supporting 'every cancer patient you come into contact with.'”
"Tebow-ing? Nah. We're Zach-ing."

"University of Maryland Alum and Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith is Zaching!!!"


"This is not a random picture of the Naked Cowboy flexing found online! He is actually Zaching for Zach!!!"
by Carlysim February 09, 2012
Verb; Flexing both your biceps showing you are strong enough to overcome illness or cancer; showing that your not weak
Showing wisdom, the men started zaching in hope the man would recover.
by The Swag King February 09, 2012
To lie, extreme exaggeration, unncessary action, utter disrespect
You cannot deflect bullets, stop Zaching.
by oneguy1234567890 November 16, 2014
The act of seducing inappropriately young women without consequence An 18 year old male seducing a 13 year old or younger female.
"it's not my fault shes 12 and packin raisins"
"Dude, she's in middle-school and you just graduated high-school? Just 'Zach' it.
Hey man do you want to go 'Zach'ing at the elementary school?
by Mr Burgandy August 03, 2011
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