1. The best person ever.

2. Usually hot, and loves attention.

3. Tall and has pretty eyes.

4. Most of the time he is clueless and doesn't know you are crushing on him.

5. When in a relationship he will look/flirt with other girls.

6. Athletic, (plays soccer, football, or baseball)
7. Not exactly smart, but isn't stupid.

8. Usually dates/likes athletic, pretty, and brunette girls.

9. Easily persuaded by his friends.
10. Has a large range of music.

11. Lovable, cute, and sometimes shy.

12. Steals a lot of girls hearts, and breaks them, plus his own heart.
That kid is so cute. Oh thats Zachary.
Zachary is so perfect.
by klovesz May 09, 2010
Amazing guy.
Always there for me.
Loving, caring, sweet.
Always listens & helps me.
Makes me feel beautiful no matter what.
I love you, Zachary :)
Zachary called me last night just to make sure I was okay.
by Mousie873291875 April 15, 2011
Pretty much the most cooliest kid on the whole block.
Gender doesn't mattah'.
Listens to good music.
Has sick hair.
My best friend forever.
Pretty eyes.
He is the most chillest kid I know like legit and best of all He is not a man whore .
Girl 1: OMG like that Zachary kid so funny!
Girl 2: I know right! & He is so hot!
Girl 3: Are you talking about Zachary!!?! He is so sweet!
the most amazing guy you will ever meet.
he has a tender heart and will hold on to yours tight.
he's a great kisser, and has a nicely sizedd, welll.. you knoww.
he can get very sexual at times, you'll have a fun timee.
an awesome person to hang out withh and has a great shoulder to fall asleep on.
talll, blonde with beautiful eyes.
he always knows how to make you laugh and constantly keeps you smiling.
girl: "who's thatt?"
boy: "oh that's my friend zachary"
girl: "what's he likee?"
boy: "ehh he's coolll."
girl: "TELL ME MORE."
by zacc<3 December 23, 2010
Zachary is one-of-a-kind. No one else is like him. He is an oddball.

If he cares about you he treats you like royalty. He wont let ANYONE mess with the ones he loves. He's charismatic and the nicest person you will ever meet. He's different and special. He wont ever hurt you. He has a bit of a temper but its best for the people around him, and his own safety. A protective, harmless, respectful, caring, weird wonderful person. You'll fall in love with him in the first three weeks of knowing him. <3
"Man.. i wish i was lucky enough to have a Zachary in my life."
"I'm one of the lucky ones. (:"
by hopeful-love July 31, 2013
Confident, yet self-aware, often lacking in self esteem. Tall, athletic, bronzed, unaware of attention he receives from a majority of the female race.

Extremely good-looking, and absolutely hilarious.

Hard to read unless known well, worth every second of your time.
Will create memories unmatched by any other man.
Caring, thoughtful and full of surprises.

Worth his weight in gold, yet absolutely priceless.
Nobody else compares.
"Wow, Zachary looks so good today"
by pokerdotstripes November 16, 2012
The Chosen One or God's Chosen One. Basically good at everything he does and people just flock to him. He can do whatever he puts his mind to with ease.
Person 1: "Dude that guy just learned karate today and he is already at black belt level."
Person 2: "He must be a Zachary. Its the only logical explanation."
by FriendofChosenOne April 09, 2013

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