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Usually a boy/man/male that is exremely attractive. They have tempers and a fighting spirit. gotta llove those boys. Know how to touch a girl's heaert or punch a rival in the face like the dirty punk he is. crazy honest and almost stupid daring. also reminds people of ancient days.
Random Kid: hey you know that new kid Zacharias?
Random Kid's Buddy: oh yeah the one the chicks are crazy for?
Random Kid: yeah i heard he took out 50 guys in 30 minutes.
Buddy: Wellwith a name like that who could doubt?

Chick: OMG so I'm dating this guy.
Chick's guy buddy: Orly? whats his name?
Chick: Zacharias. *blush*
Buddy: whoa kick @$$. he sounds like he walks through public and randomly ribs his shirt off with long flowy hair in the wind... *weird moment*
by tachichibi January 03, 2010
often the name of greedy jews and gay dancers
zacharias buys his clothes at mejk
by gustav_king April 23, 2016
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