A man who will fuck you then leave you to cry in your bed
Guy 1: He totally pulled a zach on me last night
Guy 2: He was ugly anyways
#ass #jerk #fucker #slut #prick
by Symphonian Master July 16, 2012
to thrust ones male parts back and forth into ones face repeatedly while wearing a red bandana around ones neck. Zach is also known as the Bandit.
I bent down to pick up a pencil I dropped and my face got Zached on.
#zach also known as bandit #zached on #zachtified #zach-o-ronied #zaching
by X-girl/roomie May 20, 2008
( n) Someone who takes his anger out on people because he has such an abnormally small penis.
Me: "zach why are you such a dick?"
Zach:"you know why!"
#zach #penis #asshole #dick #small #micropenis
by dmxz1156 August 12, 2015
Lying, cheating, sleazy total man whore with a tiny dick who plays every woman he comes into contact with. Watch out for zach. He will fool you into him being a total gentleman, but in reality zach is a mean, abusive asshole whole likes to beat his women. A zach is a total scumbag and user.
my ex boyfriend is such a zach
#zach #cheater #player #abusive #scummy
by Dayna Spohia February 15, 2015
Zach is a tool who thinks he is hot but he really looks like the bottom of a gorilla butt. He picks his nose and is a dork.
#dork #butt #monkey #ew #gross
by baebaenumbaone April 30, 2014
A small guy in the pants. Likes to dress like a wannabe gangster. His pants are usually sagged lower than his IQ. He parties alot and thinks he is hot with the ladies. He is an LG slayer ; however he fails to succeed. He likes to think he is perfect.
Lexi : "Oh Zach is wheeling you? Don't feel special he does it to everyone"
Eva : "Oh I would never go for him anyways I heard he has a 2 incher.."
Lexi: "Yah and who tf does he think he is"
#pussy #gangster #swag #yolo #sag #saggy
by superejb27 November 21, 2014
zach is a player! everyone loves him, especially girls! he has a wide range of girls everywhere. hes always caught flirting. worries a lot about his reputation, stays positive, and likes to blame things on others. he doesnt care about other people only him self. but zach is a good person deep down inside, but he just hasnt prove it to himself yet.
Zach is not to be messed with.

Zach is a powerful man.

Should I date Zach, he's hot?!
#hot #good hair #open #honest #flirty
by loverslanefan4eva August 09, 2011
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