hottest boy ever

gets all the girls

has huge penis

not a fuck boy
not a Mexican

some believe he is jesus in a new body

has incredible abs and arms
girl 1: is that Zach
girl 2: yes hes so hot holy shit
by riceboi666illuminati March 05, 2015
(noun) A recipe that has had an otherwise minor ingredient increased in ratio to comprise anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total volume of the mixture. IE: a Zach Green Tea with sugar is 2/3 Green Tea, 1/3 sugar.
Yo man, would you make me a rum and coke? Oh, and make it a Zach.

Are you sure dude? You gotta drive home later...
by Zombaugh September 19, 2014
A very cute, sweet outgoing person. Sometimes has glasses but looks great in them and out of them. Has amazing brown or blue eyes and a great smile. Very intellectual and funny. Has an overall great personality, pretty good at sports yet not stuck up and snobby. He is as much of a geek as he is an athlete but is simply adored because of his geekiness. Tends to care for those around him especially his friends and family. Is sweet to his girlfriend, is an amazing kisser and hand holder, likes to be close to the girl he loves. Cares much for animals, and is often gifted with the talent to play the guitar amazingly.
Friend 1: Shes lucky to be dating a Zach
Friend 2: Your telling me...... *sigh of sadness*
Friend 1: He is just so amazing!!
by GuardianAngelCastiel May 03, 2013
A douche bag that puts a bottle of gel on his hair, every day and wears tank tops.
Zach likes to show off his mossels to Emma.
by Mr. Flav May 02, 2016
Zach is literally one of the most amazing people ever. He is super nice . But he is also super scumy so beware
Zach is a cool dude.
by TheSmolBean May 18, 2016
Little twat faced bitch that supposedly won the sperm race. Heart breaker, ugly ass pickle, complete idiot, and has a baby dick. It's just a water sprout, should've been a girl. And the only way for him to get laid is to crawl up a chicken's ass and wait.
Snickerz: I'd love to see Zach's point of view, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.
Kit Kat: He'll never be the man his mother is.
Teddy: (Eating chicken) Bitch betrayed me ;c
by BitchNamedDeltris May 30, 2016
Someone who fucks bitches and constantly has hoes on his dick. This name also referrs to a penis size upwards of 8 inches. Also known as the "Ron Jeremy" of his generation, without the stds. If you are named Zach consider yourself lucky because you have the biggest penis in the world
Zach has a very large shaft.
by Zach072398 October 08, 2015
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