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he's a bitch. no joking, he's a lovely irish lad. not your everyday sort either. has an attitude and he;s not somebody to be messed with. he's always there if you need him. always manages to make you smile and laugh. he's beautiful and whoever has him is very lucky. easy to get along with. he's kind and sweet when he wants to be;D can be a cheeky little thing at times. zachari is a perfect specie. easy to love speaking to. such a nice and funny lad. deserves alot of happiness in his life. means alot to those he speaks to. has a perfect smile tho and guys should be jealous of his tan...wooo.
zach *smiles*
(the room lights up)
by somadu June 12, 2013
A man who will fuck you then leave you to cry in your bed
Guy 1: He totally pulled a zach on me last night
Guy 2: He was ugly anyways
by Symphonian Master July 16, 2012
The most amazing boyfriend, and the love of my life. He's chivalrous and charming, sweet and nurturing, and will go to the end of the world to make his girlfriend happy. He's truly remarkable in everything that he does, and any girl would be lucky to have him. If you're reading this, know that I still love you, no matter what.
I wish I had a boyfriend like Zach.
by ECL92010 November 27, 2011
An exceedingly boring individual who would be far more epic if he would change his name to Zacharias.
We're looking at you, Zach. O.O
Theseus aka Zach bores me and his girlfriend wanted me to say that she hates him. Enjoy, dollface.
by Severus Sexy Snape July 24, 2011
A man who's really outgoing at times and is really helpful
Usually has one eye and is tall and skinny
Doesn't take shit from no one

Leaves work constantly loves air conditioner

Also loves biscuits and gravy with a lot pepper and salsa
Party animal
Zach loves pepper and salsa
by Boomaster34 February 08, 2013
A sexy guy who is tough on the outside, but pretty like a unicorn on the inside. HAS A LARGE PENIS is what I am getting at.
Sam: yummy look at that Zach.
Alan: I know dont you just wanna eat him up.
Sam: Yea, and look at his lage cock.
Coach: Players get out of the shower already.
by CaptainCareBear December 31, 2011
to thrust ones male parts back and forth into ones face repeatedly while wearing a red bandana around ones neck. Zach is also known as the Bandit.
I bent down to pick up a pencil I dropped and my face got Zached on.
by X-girl/roomie May 20, 2008