hottest boy ever

gets all the girls

has huge penis

not a fuck boy
not a Mexican

some believe he is jesus in a new body

has incredible abs and arms
girl 1: is that Zach
girl 2: yes hes so hot holy shit
by riceboi666illuminati March 05, 2015
Lying, cheating, sleazy total man whore with a tiny dick who plays every woman he comes into contact with. Watch out for zach. He will fool you into him being a total gentleman, but in reality zach is a mean, abusive asshole whole likes to beat his women. A zach is a total scumbag and user.
my ex boyfriend is such a zach
by Dayna Spohia February 15, 2015
To have sex with an extremely hot woman, while fingering four other girls, 2 with each hand while "toe-ing" 2 more girls, one with each foot. Basically to "Zach" is to have sex with as many girls as possible, using every single body part capable of penetration.
Yo I Zach'd them bitches so hard last night.
by Barrazza October 21, 2013
A very cute, sweet outgoing person. Sometimes has glasses but looks great in them and out of them. Has amazing brown or blue eyes and a great smile. Very intellectual and funny. Has an overall great personality, pretty good at sports yet not stuck up and snobby. He is as much of a geek as he is an athlete but is simply adored because of his geekiness. Tends to care for those around him especially his friends and family. Is sweet to his girlfriend, is an amazing kisser and hand holder, likes to be close to the girl he loves. Cares much for animals, and is often gifted with the talent to play the guitar amazingly.
Friend 1: Shes lucky to be dating a Zach
Friend 2: Your telling me...... *sigh of sadness*
Friend 1: He is just so amazing!!
by GuardianAngelCastiel May 03, 2013
The most amazing boyfriend, and the love of my life. He's chivalrous and charming, sweet and nurturing, and will go to the end of the world to make his girlfriend happy. He's truly remarkable in everything that he does, and any girl would be lucky to have him. If you're reading this, know that I still love you, no matter what.
I wish I had a boyfriend like Zach.
by ECL92010 November 27, 2011
Zach is a tool who thinks he is hot but he really looks like the bottom of a gorilla butt. He picks his nose and is a dork.
by baebaenumbaone April 30, 2014
he's a bitch. no joking, he's a lovely irish lad. not your everyday sort either. has an attitude and he;s not somebody to be messed with. he's always there if you need him. always manages to make you smile and laugh. he's beautiful and whoever has him is very lucky. easy to get along with. he's kind and sweet when he wants to be;D can be a cheeky little thing at times. zachari is a perfect specie. easy to love speaking to. such a nice and funny lad. deserves alot of happiness in his life. means alot to those he speaks to. has a perfect smile tho and guys should be jealous of his tan...wooo.
zach *smiles*
(the room lights up)
by somadu June 12, 2013

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