Your best friend. The kind of guy who can always make you laugh when you are sad and you can't help but fall for him.
You: Hey, I think I am falling for Zach. He is so funny and cute.
Friend: Who doesn't like Zach?
by Wickersham4 June 27, 2011
(noun) A recipe that has had an otherwise minor ingredient increased in ratio to comprise anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total volume of the mixture. IE: a Zach Green Tea with sugar is 2/3 Green Tea, 1/3 sugar.
Yo man, would you make me a rum and coke? Oh, and make it a Zach.

Are you sure dude? You gotta drive home later...
by Zombaugh September 19, 2014
A person named Zach is usually a sweet person. They make people care about them just by being around, and make those people miss them. When you see a person named Zach, your heart will pound, beat like there's no one else. You fall in love with them.. And it sucks. Especially when you're apart. They're kind of like a fortune cookie, and you'll never know what your fortune is until you explore it.
Boy, I wish I had a zach like that.
by IamselfishIambrave March 17, 2014
A very special guy. Zachs' are amazing boyfriends too! They are very brave. He can make you feel like the most important person in the world. Zachs' will also get his friends out of the way just to be with his girlfriend. He will seem like the most PERFECT guy on Earth in your eyes. Zachs' also have the best blue eyes! It's easy to fall in love with him. Most likely, Zachs will have only one girl in their mind. They are funny, hott, perfect, nice, respectful, smart and amazing! If a Zach ever asks you out say YES, because it will be the best decision to make. Hold on to him too, because you never know how much you will love or need him until you lose him.
by KJ&Shells1234 January 12, 2014
The name of a typical douchebag.
That douchebag, Zach, he was smashin' his music all night and wouldn't let anyone sleep.

Stop being such a Zach.
by raddaradda December 05, 2014
To have sex with an extremely hot woman, while fingering four other girls, 2 with each hand while "toe-ing" 2 more girls, one with each foot. Basically to "Zach" is to have sex with as many girls as possible, using every single body part capable of penetration.
Yo I Zach'd them bitches so hard last night.
by Barrazza October 21, 2013
A very nice and caring man, who is always here for you, and to cheer you up. A man who lives too far from me unfortunately. A cute american guy.
Zach is my soul mate
by Camzille August 11, 2011

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