A guy who makes weird noises with his mouth and tongue, who loves basketball, who hates obama and democrats, who loves to try and find mistles, and hates south korea.
wow I hate obama, what am I
You are a zach
by South Korea April 12, 2013
The name of a smart, athletic, and generally nice guy. Zach's are cunning and dress well. They usually have a lot of friends and although they are shy they are always looking for a good time. They are very good with the ladies. If you meet a Zach you never want to lose him. He will always be there for you and will never run from a problem.
Person 1: Did you see the game last night?
Person 2: Yeah! Zach was awesome taking down the quarterback!
by Silvention September 25, 2014
Your best friend. The kind of guy who can always make you laugh when you are sad and you can't help but fall for him.
You: Hey, I think I am falling for Zach. He is so funny and cute.
Friend: Who doesn't like Zach?
by Wickersham4 June 27, 2011
The name of a typical douchebag.
That douchebag, Zach, he was smashin' his music all night and wouldn't let anyone sleep.

Stop being such a Zach.
by raddaradda December 05, 2014
A pretty chill dude. Everybody loves him even if he always needs a ride. He enjoys naked poops and hubbing. Also, the occasional handful of dong.
Z man Zach is coming to midnight tonight! Fuck Yeah!
by GangstaTom December 04, 2014
To have sex with an extremely hot woman, while fingering four other girls, 2 with each hand while "toe-ing" 2 more girls, one with each foot. Basically to "Zach" is to have sex with as many girls as possible, using every single body part capable of penetration.
Yo I Zach'd them bitches so hard last night.
by Barrazza October 21, 2013
A very nice and caring man, who is always here for you, and to cheer you up. A man who lives too far from me unfortunately. A cute american guy.
Zach is my soul mate
by Camzille August 11, 2011
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