A sadist.
One who rips door handles off.
Zach just killed that man for fun.
by bassmonkey74 May 22, 2009
A hot guy who is great at partys,good at sex and known for a really big dick.
by GReg GREG greg hey zach October 26, 2011
A sweet, nerdy, smart, funny bad-ass with a sappy romantic streak. Likes to be a hero and save people. Looks like a euro-pop star who will never appear to be older than 17 even when he is 50. He is a metalhead and a terrible speller. Very kinky. My soul mate.
I am going to marry Zach.
by yellowroseoftexas August 20, 2012
The name of a smart, athletic, and generally nice guy. Zach's are cunning and dress well. They usually have a lot of friends and although they are shy they are always looking for a good time. They are very good with the ladies. If you meet a Zach you never want to lose him. He will always be there for you and will never run from a problem.
Person 1: Did you see the game last night?
Person 2: Yeah! Zach was awesome taking down the quarterback!
by Silvention September 25, 2014
A guy who makes weird noises with his mouth and tongue, who loves basketball, who hates obama and democrats, who loves to try and find mistles, and hates south korea.
wow I hate obama, what am I
You are a zach
by South Korea April 12, 2013
A superhuman who can defy all perceptions of reality. Has never been defeated at anything. Ever. His only weakness is that he has no weakness'.
zach is soamazing, that guy zach is incredibly powerful, all the girls love zach,
by boss1234567 June 01, 2011
The name of a typical douchebag.
That douchebag, Zach, he was smashin' his music all night and wouldn't let anyone sleep.

Stop being such a Zach.
by raddaradda December 05, 2014

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