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The kind of guy you fall head over heels with the moment you see his dazzling smile. The kind of guy whose laughter is contagious, whose kindness is unlimited, and whose happy personality lights up your world. The kind of guy whose smarter than anyone you've ever met, but carries himself with humility and makes the comfort and happiness of others his top priority. The kind of guy you can talk to for hours and never run out of things to say. The kind of guy your friends tell you never to let go of and your family tells you is a young man to be truly proud of. The kind of guy who never forgets you whether you're five minutes or a thousand miles away. The kind of guy who never fails to tell you you're beautiful and shows his love for you in every moment. The kind of guy who plays with your hair, holds your hand, and isn't embarrassed to talk about how much he cares about you in front of his friends. The kind of guy, who will plays basketball and football with you. The kind of guy who holds you when you're sad, rejoices with you when you've succeeded, and genuinely loves you for who you are. The kind of guy you want to drop everything for and marry tomorrow so that you can start the beautiful journey of life together. The kind of guy you want your sons to admire and emulate and your daughters to find for themselves some day. The kind of guy you want to grow old with and still flirt with even with your 87. The kind of guy whose stolen your heart and whose never giving it back.
Zach is the most beautiful, amazing, unforgettable, and indescribably wonderful human being in the world.
by katiemarie1234567890 February 12, 2013
A hot guy who is great at partys,good at sex and known for a really big dick.
by GReg GREG greg hey zach October 26, 2011
A sweet, nerdy, smart, funny bad-ass with a sappy romantic streak. Likes to be a hero and save people. Looks like a euro-pop star who will never appear to be older than 17 even when he is 50. He is a metalhead and a terrible speller. Very kinky. My soul mate.
I am going to marry Zach.
by yellowroseoftexas August 20, 2012
A very special guy. Zachs' are amazing boyfriends too! They are very brave. He can make you feel like the most important person in the world. Zachs' will also get his friends out of the way just to be with his girlfriend. He will seem like the most PERFECT guy on Earth in your eyes. Zachs' also have the best blue eyes! It's easy to fall in love with him. Most likely, Zachs will have only one girl in their mind. They are funny, hott, perfect, nice, respectful, smart and amazing! If a Zach ever asks you out say YES, because it will be the best decision to make. Hold on to him too, because you never know how much you will love or need him until you lose him.
by KJ&Shells1234 January 12, 2014
A superhuman who can defy all perceptions of reality. Has never been defeated at anything. Ever. His only weakness is that he has no weakness'.
zach is soamazing, that guy zach is incredibly powerful, all the girls love zach,
by boss1234567 June 01, 2011
A person named Zach is usually a sweet person. They make people care about them just by being around, and make those people miss them. When you see a person named Zach, your heart will pound, beat like there's no one else. You fall in love with them.. And it sucks. Especially when you're apart. They're kind of like a fortune cookie, and you'll never know what your fortune is until you explore it.
Boy, I wish I had a zach like that.
by IamselfishIambrave March 17, 2014
Zach is the name of a very loyal boy. Zachs are very caring, smart, nice, cute, honest, and outgoing. Zachs are usually moderatly tall. Usually with brown, flippy hair and brown gold eyes. Zachs are very athletic and get into their relationships. They're the best boyfriends a girl could ask for
Girl 1: I have a new boyfriend
Girl 2: who is he
Girl 1: (points)
Girl 2: Mmm damn must be a Zach ;)
by Blake Makerblah December 21, 2013