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1 a skater
2 a bitch

3 sociopath
4 me
5 gay surfer
6 pulls up his pants past his waist and dances like a faggot
male: did u see zach today!!!!
female: yea he pulled up his pants at the park today
male: i no thats not hot
by mooning fat men May 23, 2010
Your "gay friend" so to speak, he's always there for you to give you a pat on the back, a hug or just to listen. Treats girls in an equal manner and is not a pig.
Jenna: Do these pants make my butt look big?
Zach: No darling, they look gorgeous on you.
by j3n18 April 14, 2009
It's a sexually confused person. It thinks it's male but it is really female.
Look at that zach over there. I feel sorry for it
by Not_SEGA April 13, 2009
A douche-cunt. Someone who walks up to a stranger at a party and asks "who the fuck are you?"
A Zach: If you make out with a girl, shouldn't she automatically have to have sex with you?
Jecca: What the fuck? You're such a douche-cunt.
by Jazzy C November 08, 2008
a really fat fat kid with a small dick and has no friends
yo that kid over there is such a zach
by twatpocket December 18, 2009
Beautiful awsome short guy
big-weiner McSausage
People call him Diarrea cuz he runs shit
Multiple Nicknames: Doops,Cooper, Etc.
Doops where you at
im with doops
Zach wha are you saying
by Zachdgk12 August 26, 2008
The Opposite Of "That's What She Said", most often referring to being to small.
"This Is Not Gonna Work. It's Just Too Small."
by BigNoseGuy May 12, 2009