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A cocky boy who has no reason to be cocky, who believes every girl wants him when in reality no one wants him.
"Wow does that boy actually think he has a chance with me?"
"he must be a total zach to actually think that"
by moerad December 29, 2009
1 a skater
2 a bitch

3 sociopath
4 me
5 gay surfer
6 pulls up his pants past his waist and dances like a faggot
male: did u see zach today!!!!
female: yea he pulled up his pants at the park today
male: i no thats not hot
by mooning fat men May 23, 2010
Your "gay friend" so to speak, he's always there for you to give you a pat on the back, a hug or just to listen. Treats girls in an equal manner and is not a pig.
Jenna: Do these pants make my butt look big?
Zach: No darling, they look gorgeous on you.
by j3n18 April 14, 2009
It's a sexually confused person. It thinks it's male but it is really female.
Look at that zach over there. I feel sorry for it
by Not_SEGA April 13, 2009
A douche-cunt. Someone who walks up to a stranger at a party and asks "who the fuck are you?"
A Zach: If you make out with a girl, shouldn't she automatically have to have sex with you?
Jecca: What the fuck? You're such a douche-cunt.
by Jazzy C November 08, 2008
Beautiful awsome short guy
big-weiner McSausage
People call him Diarrea cuz he runs shit
Multiple Nicknames: Doops,Cooper, Etc.
Doops where you at
im with doops
Zach wha are you saying
by Zachdgk12 August 26, 2008
a really fat fat kid with a small dick and has no friends
yo that kid over there is such a zach
by twatpocket December 18, 2009