The biggest a**h*** in the world.
Zach J.
by VampireAC November 24, 2010
The douche who goes to college, goings a frat, cheats on his girlfriend, then gets a beer belly.
Hey remember that hot guy from high school? He's such a zach now.
by sneaky bitch! June 07, 2012
A complete homo that is so ugly all the girls say hes an oger
zach is a homo
by BHCds; July 07, 2011
A person who is addicted to oxycontin and heroin, constantly gels his hair so it won't "frizz", cries when runs over baby squirrels, deletes his ex gf on facebook, uses the words "whatever" and "never ever ever ever" daily, basically an overemotional girl.
Dude he's such a Zach
by FUXWITME317 November 01, 2010
a flirty player who loves girls. he doesnt know when to stop flirting. likes to be the one to breakup with his girlfriend. doesnt like having girlfriends cause he likes to flirt. he enjoys pleasuring himself. he is a big shot, and sometimes selphish. he loves getting action from girls and not love. he doesnt know what love means yet he uses the word. zach is not a good friend, he is a leader and will leave his friends behind for girls. he is never hesitant to show his dick, especially to girls, because it is rather large. zach can be nice but he has mood swings quite often.
Oh man, I got a Zach! Lets go fuck girls!

The Zach boy was fucking a girl?

Doesnt Zach have a girlfriend, why is he flirting?
by zoeymastaaa1 August 09, 2011
Boy who will never develop into a man because he refuses to respect and honour woman around him including Mikayla and Julia. Good looking, tops Brayden any day hands down.
And thomas will be forever prince charming.
Zach Murray
by juandmik September 28, 2010
1. verb, the act of being the highest level of homosexual
2. noun, someone having little or no swag
3. noun, someone with a hairline so dreadful its as if his barber is a Dementor.
1. You got so drunk last night, you and that dude were totally zaching.
2. Im not chilling with you if you keep being a zach.
3. Tims, hairline looks terrible, I feel bad for him, he looks like such a zach
by Ms.Doucette June 17, 2011
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