a total dick that only goes out with a girl for a week and is really cocky and full of himself.
god you are such a zach
by jennabear June 15, 2011
N. (Zah-kūh)
1. A person who can not spell, yet graduated from high school. Also, a name used to describe a mild form of autism, (i.e: Aspergers)

2. A person, usually a man, who is extremely awkward in social situations. Or, makes terrible jokes about situations that were actually tragic and not funny at all, in social situations.

3. A man who looks British, and it is caused by his jaw line.

4. A good husband.
"Did that guy really just spell "the" wrong?"
"Yes, he is definitely a Zach!"
by DictionAce January 07, 2013
An exceedingly boring individual who would be far more epic if he would change his name to Zacharias.
We're looking at you, Zach. O.O
Theseus aka Zach bores me and his girlfriend wanted me to say that she hates him. Enjoy, dollface.
by Severus Sexy Snape July 24, 2011
The most overused ass name in Urban Dictionary
"Oh, His name is Zach"
"I'll think I'll name Him Zach"
"My new baby's name is Zach..."
by TheAmazingSX August 12, 2012
a liar with a small penis, nasty teeth, a fat ass, terrible grammar skills, and has zero game. An overall loser.
That guy thinks he is so cool but little does he know, he's actually a zach.
by nospellingrequired November 23, 2011
The most wonderful lay in the world, Once you have sex with him, he'll make you cum and cum, and cum again. He has never ending energy and loves to play rough. Other than the sexual side, he's got a really sweet side to him as well.
He'll text you while he's on break just to say "Hey baby I love you." and he tells you he's always thinking about you.
I just love zach, he is the best zach i've ever had.
by Snickers794 January 09, 2011
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