somebody who is largely conceded and commonly only cares about themselfs. usually a zach is blonde and has a rockin bod. unfortunately, this type of zach usually has a serious case of erectile dysfunction, or more widely known as E.D. This makes a zach attractive, but useless.
i was going to go all the way with him, but hes a zach.
by Eman3227 June 24, 2010
A person who is addicted to oxycontin and heroin, constantly gels his hair so it won't "frizz", cries when runs over baby squirrels, deletes his ex gf on facebook, uses the words "whatever" and "never ever ever ever" daily, basically an overemotional girl.
Dude he's such a Zach
by FUXWITME317 November 01, 2010
a guy who cums way to early.

a premature ejactulater.

the opposite of straight. (gay)
he is such a zach.

zach cums to early
by tatabugdibbell October 24, 2010
Someone who takes pleasure in being a ratshit while also enjoys being the rod in a homosexuals devils threesome.

Has a tendancy to support sporting teams that lose in grand finals.
Dude: hey what team do you support

A zach: the roosters

Dude: they lost to saint george 32-8 you ratshit.

a zach: well fuck it, ill go and take it up the arse.
by stg10 November 25, 2010
A Chinese Hell Faggot.
Zach is a mega agy douche-for-brians idiotic necrofelic
by TheBeautifulPeopleMM August 20, 2011
n. An irritation usually formed by removing a boil; a festering wound.
Why am I limping? Well, I've got this nasty Zach right under my little toe.
by zharl September 10, 2010
a pervy kid, likes to perform stunts that revolve around touching privates on family members. he also has tendency to fart and giggle like a little girl. he copies his uncle or cousins sayings.
(guza grabbing zach) (keta hunting zach)
by vujic November 22, 2010

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