A Chinese Hell Faggot.
Zach is a mega agy douche-for-brians idiotic necrofelic
by TheBeautifulPeopleMM August 20, 2011
a guy who cums way to early.

a premature ejactulater.

the opposite of straight. (gay)
he is such a zach.

zach cums to early
by tatabugdibbell October 24, 2010
n. An irritation usually formed by removing a boil; a festering wound.
Why am I limping? Well, I've got this nasty Zach right under my little toe.
by zharl September 10, 2010
The most wonderful lay in the world, Once you have sex with him, he'll make you cum and cum, and cum again. He has never ending energy and loves to play rough. Other than the sexual side, he's got a really sweet side to him as well.
He'll text you while he's on break just to say "Hey baby I love you." and he tells you he's always thinking about you.
I just love zach, he is the best zach i've ever had.
by Snickers794 January 09, 2011
Someone who takes pleasure in being a ratshit while also enjoys being the rod in a homosexuals devils threesome.

Has a tendancy to support sporting teams that lose in grand finals.
Dude: hey what team do you support

A zach: the roosters

Dude: they lost to saint george 32-8 you ratshit.

a zach: well fuck it, ill go and take it up the arse.
by stg10 November 25, 2010
A lonely lonely 12 year old who is in love with his best friend Kayla. He is unhappy. Dumb. Unattractive to all, except the flies. He has a very small penis. And is a virgin.
by ZACHSBFF4EVA June 29, 2011
how a fag spells Z-A-C-K often due to extreme retardation and lack of friends and has a tiny baby penis ...
man that zach kid could be cool if he knew how to spell his name and didn't love hairy man cock
by zach is gay way of saying zack April 16, 2011

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