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The best guy in the world. the most loving listening person. his touch makes you warm inside and when he walks up to you and looks at you your heart pounds like crazy. you love him so much. and when you hear his voice or see him you dream and plan your future with him. you want to spend the rest of your life with him. he is so amazing. you wish you could be as amazing to him and make him feel like you do. you love him so much and are gonna marry him. he is mines. and when i ment him i liked him and fell madly in love. he is true love <3 he is zach oh yea and hes tall skinny and so sexy and smart. whoo out of this world baby :)) all mines taken!!!!
Friend: hey you know Zach Attack * Glass

Me: yea the oone from art class

Friend: he likes you, he told me on myspace, he's sad that you might be moving.

Me: oh really how sweet i knew there was a reason he always messed with me, it was flirting. :)
by Tee<3333 September 05, 2010

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