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Zaccaria, usually a very beautiful girl with freckles and is Italian. If you ever meet a Zaccaria you are extremely lucky, because she is very artistic and lively. Her beauty is so overwhelming people faint at the sound of her name. Zaccaria can definitely be stubborn and prideful but sweet. Zaccarias are very creative and are amazing at kissing.
Dude, your girlfriend's name is Zaccaria? She must be amazing!

Hey look at that beautiful girl over there making a painting, she's a real Zaccaria.
by caricat December 30, 2013
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A women, usually single or divorced, who wear mullets to ward off men. Usually resulting in a lesbianic lifestyle. Also likes to watch football all day sunday.
Were going to Zaccaria's to watch the football game.
Look at that Zaccaria in the bar.
Shes a real Zaccaria
by Don Juan Francisco December 30, 2007

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