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The most awsome ninja in an anime called naruto which completely pwns you soul and has a huge sword but gets owned by Kakashi
Momochi Zabuza owns your soul, he has a big sword.
by zabuza pwns u March 24, 2005
Hidden Mist Ninja known os the deamon or devil of the Hidden Mist. Attempted to overthrow the Mizukage. Expert at the silent killing technique. Wields a giant sword and likes little boys. One of the seven shinobi swordsmen.
Zabuza is as awesome as he is a pedophile.
by Quinnly March 14, 2006
Describes one that has a big sword and a strange interest in gender confused minors.
Haku: Zabuza! Make me your tool!

Zabuza: Me gusta...
by GoBobe April 05, 2011