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Zabovis(pronounced ZA-BOW-VISS) is formaly a random, out of the blue word, created by the one and only guy,nicknamed"Joe din", the being, currently writing this definition. Zabovis can get into serious depth and is really not a real world in the dictionary ...YET. Zabovis is also a game. Where Player 1 disarms Player 2 with a tool called a Parkda and a Nord. A Parkda is a cloth or a shirt or any type of similar thingy. It got boring calling it a regular old peice of cloth, so we called it something "Interesting" and stupid. A Nord is a Hula hoop.
Round 1:
So let's say Player 1 has a Nord equipped and Player 2 has a Parkda.Player 1 holds the Nord tight in his hand and moves the Nord slowly side to side and Player 2 attempts to get it out of his hands with the Parkda.If Player 2 fails,then they switch and go to Round 2.If not, they just switch and do Round 2 over again.
Round 2:
In this round, VIGOROUS and INTENSE battle begins.
This round is the final round, since there are only 2 rounds in formal, non - tournament Zabovis.
this round is basically the same as Round 1 except Player 1 doesn't just stand there and hold the dumb ol' Nord. Player 1 and Player 2 attempt vigorously to disarm of the Parkda or the Nord.
Famous Players:Jim Jovis(Best Player in History),Karen Skraptksha,Miguel Luschentrakt,Janet Kleuiatsh,Joe Jabptshkt.
Zabovis can also be referred to as a new age Religion,founded by the same person.
"Let's play Zabovisssss!!!"
by "Joe din" December 11, 2006
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