One of the best southern rock bands in this universe
Southern guy 1: Whoah dude! Have you heard "lowrider" by ZZ Top?

Southern Guy 2: Hell yea! #low-ri-der goes a little slower....#
by Rossotron October 09, 2005
Guitarist and Bassist had beards, Drummers name was Beard.
Thats alot of beards... ZZ Top
by Kyle Tarrao May 21, 2011
to put your cock in someones ass and spin them around like zz top does to his guitar.
That bitch got double zz toped.
by bjjjjjjjjjjjj April 04, 2008
When a chick is going down on you, and you cum all over her chin, and then you reach down and yank out her snatch hair and stick it to her face like a beard. If it's as long as a ZZ Top beard, you win!
Man that girl was hairy. I pulled a full on ZZ Top on her and everything.
by roguecomposer September 05, 2008
A gay man's wife is called a beard. If they have a child together then the child is called a ZZ Top (in reference to the huge beards the band ZZ Top wore in the 80s). The child is in effect a "super beard" - used as an even larger cover up for the man's homosexuality.
Can't you see that Brian is a closet homo? His wife is just a beard and his son Pete is a ZZ Top.
by Andyman April 21, 2004
A group of deranged Rabbis sourging the rap world with their infamously pointless beats and Judaic babble.
Bart: Hey, look, its ZZ Top. You guys rock!
Rabbis: Eh, maybe a little.
by bob_the_russian November 05, 2003
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