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Zone Wide Chat, or 'ZWC' in short, was the general discussion area on the Microsoft Gaming Zone. It was closed in 2003 after the software which was used to moderate the chatroom leaked onto the internet and was hacked by a group of hackers called the Twisteds. This allowed normal users to have the same rights as moderators.

Before closing down the room, Microsoft tried to stop the problems by instating a sort of "supermoderators" (actually employees from an external consulting firm). This did not sit well with the users, who in turn left in large numbers.

Smaller and specific game related versions of the chatroom with no off-topic chat allowed, called "Lobbies" also existed. The last of these Lobbies were closed on June 19th 2006 as part of the transformation of Microsoft Gaming Zone to MSN Gaming.
ZWC Example 1:
ManicPawz: Hey Xie!
Naughty_Xtreme: Hey Bill. How's you? Molested any Amiga's lately?
+HeavenlySword: Naughty_Xtreme, please refrain from such language.
Naughty_Xtreme: I was refering to the computers of that name 'sop!
+HeavenlySword: Still, don;t use the word "molested".
Naughty_Xtreme: Fine...

ZWC Example 2:
(Enter): student498
student498: Hey everybody!
Naughty_Xtreme: Shut up, Student!
WICKEDNYGHTMARE: Shut up student!
WICKED_MANIAC: yeah, shaddap student!
LILY_OFDAPAC: Shutop student!
rampant_lioness: shutup student!
(Exit): student498
Naughty_Xtreme: awwww...he left!

ZWC Example 3:
ARGH: Losers!
ARGH: Losers!
ARGH: Losers!
ARGH: Losers!
ARGH: Losers!
Naughty_Xtreme: AutoClick™ ARGH
ARGH: WHAT AUTROCLICK MEAN?????????????????????????????
WICKEDNYGHTMARE: it means he ignored you, you wonderful human being
ARGH: WHY????????????? WHAT IGNORE?????????
Random_Interval: I think MS hires these punks on purpose... you know, just to annoy us
Ashley: don't be silly Craig...
Naughty_Xtreme: What? He/She/It's still at it?
WICKEDNYGHTMARE: no, he stopped... he's rather quiet actually.
(Enter): +persnickerty
(Exit): ARGH
(Exit): +persnickerty
WICKEDNYGHTMARE: Ahh, that explains it.
(Enter): jennifurry02
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by Scott Tribbleswatter June 15, 2007
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