The inability to do a back flip off a fence.
like if you were going to back flip off a fence, then u just don't

by sat and pam May 17, 2009
Top Definition
A giant lizard with a volcano for a mouth that according to the zorp cult will some day engulf the world in flames.
Guy#1-"hey did you here about zorp killing everyone?"
Guy#2-"we'll ain't that nice"
by El domarino July 05, 2014
a new, dumber sounding and therefore funnier way of saying "zing"
the skrillex is a good dj... zorp
by boodism December 01, 2011
the act of giving
"yo will you zorp me that cola please?"
by reverend carl April 16, 2010
verb: to give a person a feeling of emptiness by having them spend their money or time on something normal or stupid(e.g a slot machine) yet portraying the purchase or commitment in an extravagant, exagerated way so as to decieve the person of the actual utlity of the purchase or commitment. Emphasis is on the flashy, extravagant, almost surreal circumstances and expectations of the event contrasted with the empty, shallow, and even depressing outcome of it.

Almost always used in regard to Las Vegas.

note: Las Vegas or a Las Vegas venue is many times the unstated subject of this verb.


zorpworld or zorp-world: Las Vegas
I lost $1000 in the casinos, spent $500 for a blowjob from a whore from some gnarly whore delivery service, and have a killer hangover. Damn, I got fucking zorped in Vegas this weekend.

He is getting zorped in the casinos right now.


The casino is zorping him right now.

by nizorpworld January 13, 2007
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