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A more enthusiastic (if not sarcastic) way of saying OMG. The Z doesn't stand for anything, but rather is added onto the O, thus making it pronounced "ZOH MY GOD!!1"
I have to tell you something. I have canc-ZOMG A SHINY NEW PENNEY!
by pseudonym psteve June 11, 2005
3223 1866
soo exited about something or someone and youre kind of getting your listeners attention by telling them that whatever your about to say is worth listening to
ZOMG youll never believe what happened!
by missmurder555 December 20, 2008
11 18
Differing opinions exist on this subject... many believe it to mean "oh my god" and just to be another varient...

However a select few have been chosen to know the truth behind the phenominon...

For the truth is.. zomg actually mean "Zombies on my genitalia"
ZoMg it hurts tbh...
ZOMG u suck...
by Teh zombie clones of Argon XII August 27, 2008
17 24
Def. 1: zombies, Oh my god!

Less interesting Def. 2: a typo made when someone mistyped Omg.
Person 1: zOmg!
Person 2: Jeez calm down! You were having a nightmare!
Person 1: Then why am I missing a ligament?
Person 2: I crave human flesh...
by Double T-Dawg February 10, 2008
9 16
1: Exagerated omg
2: Rarley, among zombie belivers; Zombies,OH MY GOD!!!
1: Zomg, mcdonalds stinks
by Person... maybe May 05, 2007
27 34
Zombies! Oh My God!
A version of the know OMG, used for situations involving zombies.
ZOMG! Lets get the hell out of here!
by Anders Knudsen April 21, 2007
3 10
ZOMG is neither an acronym nor a word; it is an entity. ZOMG is a mythological figure who wields a sword tainted with the blood of emo kids.
Bill: Jesus Christ! That ZOMG just stabbed the lead singer of My Chemical Romance in the eye!
Bob: You're right! and now the bassist is crying!
by Allison Ruhe March 01, 2007
16 23
Zebras Out Munching Grass.
Hey, look, ZOMG!
by LucidGuardian February 09, 2010
4 12