To frolic amongst friends upon turf or the earth in hopes of mentally, physically and emotionally crushing one's enemies in ritual sporting; these games are usually followed by friendly banter accompanied by games centered around consuming beer
"I can't wait to Zog on Sunday!"

"I love Zog"

"Dio Zog'd the shit out of that girl!"
by Grigio January 08, 2009
Noun. Planet of Balls Deep Enjoyment/Out of this world Food. Generally conveys an expression of out of this world experiences/things.
Other Uses: Zogged Up, Zog Off, Zogged Out, Zog Down.
"Lets have a Zog Off!"
"This food is from Zog!"
"Let's have a Zog Down!"
by TheMasterFromZog April 10, 2009
A little white smoke stick normally called a cigarette. Some people call them, cigs or fags, but zog is the correct term.
"dude bro got any zogs?"
by Wcoxx004 September 11, 2007
To want to fuck a girl, hook up with someone, or bang them.
Dude that chick is hot im gonna zog her tonight.
Yeah I tried to zog her and got turned down.
Last night I zogged the shit out of her.
by BIGoldNATEdog November 03, 2007
The "Zionist Occupation Government" or "Zionist Occupied Government."

Offensive term used by anti-Semites and neo-Nazis referring to the government of the United States (and occasionally to Britain), implying that Jews and their supporters control the mechanisms of government.

Conservative bloggers will on occasion mockingly use the term "ZOG" to poke fun at extreme-right racists.

(Infrequently, "ZOG" will be used to describe the state of Israel, generally by hardcore Palestine supporters and Pan-Arabists who seek the elimination of Israel.)

According to Wikipedia, the term was coined in 1976 by neo-Nazi Eric Thomson.
News Brief: "Saudi Arabian unemployment figures reached 30% today fueling fears of a larger than normal recruitment pool for Wahabbi terrorists. Analysts speculate that the hoarding of crude oil proceeds by the dysfunctional, 5000 member royal family has impeded business development and job opportunities in the Magic Kingdom."

Neo-nazi punk: "Man, I know that the A-rabs have a closed off, backwards society, but the ZOG must be behind this somehow. I just know it."
by (I am) John Doe May 13, 2009
a term used by right wing wing nut extremists to mean Zionist Organized Government. These Loony Tunes types think that Jews control the government (yeah, right!) and the economy as well. Well lets face it. The economic situation has been in horrible shape for quite some time now. Even if Jews did run the economy then why would they "create the recession" as the neo-Nazi types and people with similar persuasions say? In a recession nobody wins.
1. in the fucking PC 90s several wing nut militias stepped into the limelight. Some of them committed acts of terror. Some of them yahoos used the Branch Davidian case as an excuse. Then there was Tim McVeigh. Most, if not all of these troublemakers express hatred toward certain groups, especially Jews. They claimed that America is gone, that's it's run by some "Jew-Communist-Whatever" conspiracy cartel, or simply the "ZOG'. I saw one picture of some cretin bunch holding a standoff in Montana. One jerk wore a T-shirt that said "Down With The ZOG". What an ignorant shit head.

2. Now the militia scum are popping off the chops about how Barack Obama is a Muslim - no wait!, a Commie, no! A terrorist! Oh WTF! Are we going to have to hear this ZOG/Communist/Socialist/ psychobabble shit from these pin heads again? This shit has got to quit. There's too much going on and we don't need any more violence from these trailor trash losers.

3. This ZOG rumor crap is very similar to what Adolf Hitler said many years ago. Meet some Jews. Get to know them. Think for yourself.
by Sick Of All The Ignorance July 18, 2009
another word for a black person...that they dont know about
that zog is staring at me...
by relizard April 21, 2006
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