Short for Zugghen Job. It is when a girl sniffs your butthole until you pee.
Joe: Sally gave Derek a ZJ last night.
Everyone else: EWWW
by swiftKnuckles November 12, 2007
A standard BJ, but instead of swallowing the guy pulls out and makes a "Z" on the girl's face with the cum. The "Z" stands for ZORRO.
ZJ, if you don't kwow what it is, you can't afford it.
by Ltwizzle May 09, 2008
when one's partner gives the scrotum a zerber (see Zerber)
I got a zj last night and it rattled my balls mmm felt kinda wierd.
by TheParty Brigade March 12, 2008
a ZJ as mentioned in the movie "Beerfest" is actually a zitjob. the object is to find the biggest zit on a persons body, pop it, suck out the puss and snowball (or spit) back into the other persons mouth
pop suck spit gulp enjoy your zj if you can afford it
by saskapoon October 27, 2006
*noun* (Zee;Jay) Made famous by broken lizard comedy troop, in the movie "Beerfest". ZJ refers to the act of getting oral sex while inebriated or under the influence of marijuana. The Z in ZJ is a one letter acronym for zombie. This is because while the recipient is getting oral sex he/she is in a zombie like state due to the effect that said drug has on his/her manuerisms.
1) Dude, I was so blazed I was just on the coach moaning. Then, out of nowhere this chick game over and gave me a ZJ.

2)He looked half dead from some of that Northern Lights we got in BC. So, I just grabbed his tool and gave him a ZJ.
by Ross Fortner November 08, 2007
When you stick three guys dicks in a girls mouth, vag, and ass then take the straight angle of inserting into her mouth the downward angle of sticking it up her ass and the straightward angle in her vag and put those angles together and you get a z therefore Z-J
Dude that Z-J we gave Johnson was great said Craig Nick and Seth
by Nick Davis February 08, 2007
From Beerfest. Simply when a woman takes your dick and Slams it in a Glove Compartment.
"Dude, yesterday i got a ZJ!"
"I know, there's still your blood in my passengers seat!"
by hppp August 10, 2008

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