If you have to ask what it is,then you cant handle it. But its GREAT!!!
DAMN girl! that ZJ was great!! i love you baby
by hahahaurdumb April 15, 2009
ZJ is short for "Zebra Job" which is a hand job performed by two people on one person. The requiremnt for classification as a proper ZJ is that the two people perofrming the ZJ are of two different ethnicities and have there fingers interlaced. This gives the impression of zebra stripes hence the name.
The black and white chicks I left with last night locked hands and gave me one hell of a ZJ.
by zooman45 September 15, 2008
A zebra Job, consisting of a black and a white women giving head to one guy at the same time.
Damn, i got the best ZJ last night from the black and white girl i met at the bar.
by Carey Bundick March 27, 2008
1. Like a hand job and a blow job mixed together, but VERY gay and while playing David Bowie music.
2. A kind of flute
"Want a ZJ?? I'll put on David's greatest hits"

"Thats sounds great!, play Space Odyssey, It gives me a raging boner!
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 23, 2008
A ZJ is the abbreviation for Zebra Job, it is when a white chick jerks off a black dude and the the black in-between the white fingers gives the illusion of zebra stripes.
Sarah (a white chick ) went to 69th street to give out free ZJ'S to all the brothers behind tower theater...
by Drew&Zac September 30, 2009
When a girl bends over and puts her arms between her legs and a guy grabs them and yanks up making the girl do a front flip enabling her head to zip directly into his crotch.
this is a video displaying what would be a ZJ if the dude was nude.
by fantasticskeetskeet July 18, 2008
While hanging upside down, get a blowjob, listen to a Zune mp3 player, and record it on your phone.
I got the best ZJ ever last night
by Papa Foles February 07, 2008

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