when a man is sleeping and a girl gives him head as he is asleep
the girl was so turned on she couldnt wait till the guy woke up. she gave him a ZJ
by reddpipes November 20, 2009
The Chassis code of a 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Did you see that ZJ get stuck in the mud?
by QuagRyan July 13, 2009
Came from the movie beer fest refer to Zagjag
"I didn't know how to react, the next thing I knew we were messing around... she zagged me, damn good ZJ"

"I don't know how much I should really be paying this woman, I didn't think thats what a ZJ was"

by Firework Master March 19, 2009
A zebra Job, consisting of a black and a white women giving head to one guy at the same time.
Damn, i got the best ZJ last night from that black and white girl i met at the bar.
by Carey B. March 28, 2008
Extended form of ZJ is Zero Job. The zero refers to zero gravity. In this case a ZJ is when you get a blowjob in space. This is extremely expensive and you probually can't afford it. Important: This blowjob must be done off the ground.
That old rich bastard got a broke hoe and spent a million to go in space and get a ZJ from the slut.
by Mike Ox March 26, 2008
An orgy on top of a moving vehicle.
Mommy look, there's a ZJ going on on that tractor trailer!
by Fed99 March 29, 2011
sexual like a bj. if you dont know what a zj it is you probly cant afford it.
How much?-man
50 for a bj and a little more for a zj.-hooker
whats that?-man
if you dont know what it is you cant afford it
by BigBallaK January 05, 2010

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