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The act of sticking your penile organ between a woman's (preferably lubricated) buttcheeks, followed by her jumping up and down, until the recipient's orgasm is achieved. Also known as "hotdogging". The "Z" is open for interpretation and dialogue.
Yo cuddie, that skeezer is good for nothing.
Nah cuh, word on the skreet is that she gives a fierce Z.J.
by Alexander The Decent June 11, 2009
noun. A hand job given by Jay-Z.
I went to the VMAs and gotta hand job from Jay-Z! That HJ was a ZJ!.
by Trav_outa_Jasper January 25, 2013
when a black woman and a white woman interlock hands to look like zebra stripes and then proceed to double team HJ your cock.
hey bro, sha' quonda and Tami-Lynn are coming over tonight, if i play my cards right i am definitely getting a ZJ!
by Not-B-Rad February 25, 2014
1) Zip-job: receiving a hand job through the pants
2)Zombie job: recieving oral sex while inebriated or in a zombie like state.
I was wasted last night man, I think I got a ZJ from your dog.
by The Real Shocker is your Fist September 07, 2008
If you don't know, you probably can't afford it.
Dude, your mom gave me an amzing ZJ this morning.
Whats a ZJ?
If you don't know, you probably can't afford it.
by pen island May 19, 2008
Z job
when you get your morning wood blowwn
Timmy just woke up and was horny so his girlfriend gave him a z-j.
by turd_burglar=) April 03, 2008
An orgy on top of a moving vehicle.
Mommy look, there's a ZJ going on on that tractor trailer!
by Fed99 March 29, 2011