If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
It's $10 for a BJ, $12 for an HJ, $15 for a ZJ...
#male prostitution #desperation #messy #orgasmic #sinful
by Sam Falik March 17, 2007
Top Definition
If you got to ask you can't afford it
A BJ is $12, an HJ is $14, a ZJ is $20.
#bj #hj #rj #r.j. #b.j. #h.j. #z j #z.j.
by Tampa Bay Bad Boy August 26, 2006
A zip job. The abbreviation is made famous by Broken Lizard's "Beerfest." A zip job is essentially the act of getting a handjob while high.
Barry: "A zj will cost ya $8"
#zj #bj #hj #beerfest #zip job
by Ducksoup August 26, 2006
the act of receiving oral sex from a caucasian zimbabwe hooker as she balances a basket of fruit on her head, for every piece of fruit that falls out of the basket, a 2 dollar discount is awarded
i got this mango from the zj i got earlier, two dollars off
#sex #blowjob #oral #zj #j
by gerken November 01, 2007
Shortened form of a "Zzzz Job" (pronounced "Zee Job".)
Oral sex performed on a man while he's asleep.

Ideally: while he's experiencing morning wood and resulting in his being roused from sleep.

See also: morning head.

Note: The "ZJ" version was made famous by the (excellent) show beerfest
Q: What are you so fucking happy about?
A: My baby's momma gave me a ZJ this morning! :-D
Q: Did she swallow?
A: Fuck yeah she swallowed; She knows not to leave a big white stain on my sheets.
#morning head #zj #zzzzjob #zeejob #zee job
by Just saw beefest. December 23, 2006
*noun* (Zee;Jay) Made famous by broken lizard comedy troop, in the movie "Beerfest". ZJ refers to the act of getting oral sex while inebriated or under the influence of marijuana. The Z in ZJ is a one letter acronym for zombie. This is because while the recipient is getting oral sex he/she is in a zombie like state due to the effect that said drug has on his/her manuerisms.
1) Dude, I was so blazed I was just on the coach moaning. Then, out of nowhere this chick game over and gave me a ZJ.

2)He looked half dead from some of that Northern Lights we got in BC. So, I just grabbed his tool and gave him a ZJ.
#zj #zombie job #blowjob #zombiejob #zeejay #oral sex
by Ross Fortner November 08, 2007
an act of oral sex from "giver" while the "receiver" is asleep; catching some Z's is derived from: kip, nap, sleep, and slumber.

z-j get it?

waking up to a girl practicing fellatio AKA "Z-J" on your penis.....
#z-j #zj #blow job #sleeping #beer fest #blow j's
by smeagle2012 March 11, 2009
Stands for Zebra Job. This is when two girls (one black and one white) give a hand job with their fingers interlocked, this becoming black and white stripped like a zebra.
I job a ZJ from these two girls the other night, then came on the black girls face. It was awesome.
#hand job #blow job #beerfest #zebra job #interracial
by KeithNaig November 18, 2007
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