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A person who talks alot of shit to others. A person who is scared to fight. A person who is a loser and have no loner. A person who loses every fight and get his ass beat. A person who has stitches on his face and bruises. A person who got beat and wouldnt go to school for 3 weeks and makes up lies.
Person 1: Dam Z what happen to you?
Z: I won a fight
Person 2: Hell no u didnt... u got ur ass beat
Z: man leave me alone ~crys~
Person 1: that nugga got his ass beat and went to the hospital to get stitches...
Person 3: He didnt go back to school...for like a month man... wut a pussy.
by Nugga191 April 08, 2009
6 24

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Z car. The Z car. The 300zx. The sports car Nissan / Datsun created to set standards among ALL sports cars. It came, it did, we love it.
240z, 260z, 280zx, 300zx, 350z
by LaNasty December 10, 2003
797 345
Letter often used by morons where S would be more appropriate. Sometimes denotes a plural, but may be included for no clear reason whatsoever. Tends to accompany aLtErNaTiNg cApZ and the substitution of letters with other ch4r4ct3r5. See also gay speak.
AiGhT PpL I g2g LaTeRZZZzz!!!!!!!11
by tara August 09, 2003
514 233
An ounce of marijuana
Yeah, I got a whole Z of chronic, let's take a bake break.
by David Filth March 02, 2005
408 159
A letter that was pretty awesome long ago, until that bastard X stole our pronunciation.
Should be: Zylophone, Zenophobia, Ezited

"Z is a pretty useless letter, but we love it anyways..."
by theshinykitty March 30, 2005
283 139
1. The last letter in the English alphabet.

2. The dude who drives 90 on the local street and cares about his hair more than any other person.

3. When used in pairs or more, symbolizes sleep.

2. You see that? It was Z going 90 down the street.

3. Gonna go home and get me some zZz's.
by blueflame March 02, 2005
154 107
" ž " makes the same sound as "s" in "treaSure". Cyrillic equivalent is Ж
život - life, живот
by toto9 August 04, 2009
18 6
An hour of sleep. Instead of saying "I got five hour's of sleep last night", you say "I got five z's last night."
Friend 1: Man, you look like shit, what's your deal?

Friend 2: Shut up, dude I only got five Z's last night.
by SleepFaster May 01, 2011
34 23