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Hot, sexy, curvy, awesome and fun to be around. Always speaks her mind and never sugar coats the truth. She just says it like it is. Makes all guys horny and crazy for her. Always smells amazing with Violeta perfume!
Yvett you're so hot I can't think around you!
by ricordeadude November 05, 2010
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beautiful,sexy,attractive person. Shes the person you'll want to meet before you die.shes a crazy maniac but everyone LOVES her! you will never forget this girl cause shes the definition of bestfriend <33 p.s javier wrote this and i love you con todo mi corazon baby <33 p.p.s lol laura helped =p love you sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe
"did you see that girl pass by??" "she must be an yvett" <33
by laurini<33 February 04, 2010
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Sex so amazing you never get enough. Perfect body and perfect height! "Fun height"
Yvett your just the perfect body with the perfect mind for endless fun!
by ricordeadude November 05, 2010
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