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Pure awesome. Winning. Jizz in your pants awesome. Smart. Beautiful. A bundle of energy! They are loyal to their friends and hate liars. If you have ever wronged a Yuzuriha..well...let's just say you won't live to try it a second time.

They tend to be social butterflies. People are simply attracted to them naturally. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to be friends with a Yuzuriha? Yuzuriha's are very protective over their friends and will not tolerate any wrong doing towards them.

Warning: They have a tendency to show extreme violence. Be cautious on their moods. They are also very Tsundere. You've been warned.
Woah! Look at that Yuzuriha! She's pure win.

Dude! Who's that chick?! She's so awesome

Such a Tsundere

loyal butterfly extreme
by Squeaky Hime January 31, 2012
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