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Daniel is known as "the Yuval" in his neighborhood, mainly because of all the girls he had slept with the past year.
by Sharpoooooooooo June 18, 2009
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Meaning of name: Little stream or river.

Yuval is a shy girl, who cares very deeply for those who she may love. She expects a lot but receives too little. In General Yuval is probably one of the most beautiful people on the inside and on the outside that you will ever meet. When you have a Yuval in your life, you must cherish her. Usually very popular and easily can make friends she is a really fun person to go partying with! She is funny, witty, smart and creative! Basically the best girl in a school/community/college/university/world/universe.
Friend: wow that girl is so amazing its unbelievable more people should be like her!

Me: Oh she must be a Yuval!!
by rinataly February 28, 2013
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somebody that likes to attend a lot of parties. he drinks a lot of whiskey and has hooked up countless times. he is first in his class at harvard. he is good at social conversation and at fashion, and wears the coolest fashions. he is also more creative than you with his amazing jokes.
i worship that Yuval
by pfffffffffftyeahright! January 15, 2012
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A hairy patch between one's beard and the back of the neck, creating a continuous stubble or growth. An unbecoming, unkempt look sported by homeless tramps and oblivious types.
I've been working so hard, I've grown a full yuval.

That yuval is so fierce, you actually can't see where his neck hair ends and his beard begins.
by Milleria August 31, 2015
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A spoiled, pretentious emo brat that is very rich and hates black people. He thinks life skills are for losers, but is actually jealous. He is proof as to why the liberals suck.
Yuval needs to get his ass kicked by someone who's confident and muscular.
by pumpsomeironyouretard December 07, 2011
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A spoiled rich emo brat that hates black people
Hey look, its a spoiled rich emo brat that hates black people!!

He needs to pump some fucking iron!

What a Yuval
by getbeatyou**** December 08, 2011
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